General Granting Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled for any residence title to be granted:

Adequate means of subsistence

The applicant must have fixed and regular own income enabling him/her to cover his/her living costs without resorting to welfare aid from local authorities. At the time of application the regular monthly income must be equal to the amount of the standard rates of the General Social Insurance Act (ASVG).

  • For singles: € 1,110.26
  • For couples: € 1,751.56
  • For each child additionally € 171.31

For Pupils, Students and Social Service Employees:

  • For persons below the age of 24 years: € 613,16
  • For persons over the age of 24 years: € 1.110,26

More information in German language can be found there: Informationsbroschüre über die Unterhaltsberechnung.

Health Insurance Coverage

The applicant must have health insurance coverage providing benefits in Austria.

Adequate accommodation according to local standards

The applicant must provide evidence of a legal title to an accommodation (e.g. by providing a lease contract), considered adequate for his/her family size according to local standards. This is not a requirement for the residence permit “students”, “ICT”, “mobile ICT” and “researchers-mobility” and the family members of these researchers, if they already resided  in the other member state with the researcher on the basis of a family reunification permit. However the costs for accommodation will need to be taken into account when showing that the applicant has adequate means of subsistence.