Collaborating for Growth

What to expect

A network of like-minded African business owners. A community of those just beginning and those already grown. A platform to share knowledge and offer products and services. A place to find an accountability partner and to celebrate wins.


Why are you doing what you are doing? How do you deal with challenges? Are you good in asking and receiving help for your matters?

Financial Planning

Do you know your regular income and expenses? Are you in debt? If so, how are you handling them? Do you have a plan for increasing your income?



Are you able to communicate in the language of the country you reside in? Do you have the necessary language certificate for your immigration process?


Are you well versed in the rules of the culture of the country you are immigrating to? Do you know about the legal options available to immigrate to Europe?


Do you have a business idea? Or would you like to cooperate with an African business in Europe? What do you need to know before starting your company?



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller
xLet’s build a community that has your back and helps you grow.

Success Stories

Because we are stronger when we support each other we want to showcase and celebrate your success. Let other people’s stories inspire you!

Let’s Start Something new
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Do you have questions? Comments? Suggestions? Are you someone or do you know someone who should be showcased in our success stories?

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