Content Creation

The week started with blogger Zebedee Namaleo‘s explanation of why content is important for the implementation of the inbound methodology, which attracts, converts, closes, and delights our target audience. He also showed us the content process, including the steps plan, create, distribute, analyze, and repeat. We also learned how to create remarkable content which has to do with buyer personas and the buyer’s journey. Using a concepting worksheet was recommended.

Another session with Zebedee Namaleo introduced Google’s EAT concept focusing on the value of content for your target group together with the YMYL guidelines and topics. We were told that the statistics show that companies with a blog have 55% more website visitors and regarding B2C (business to consumer), companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not. We also got tips on how to start a blog and learned about the SERP presentation. With ranking factors and how to write a blog post, including blog formatting, this amazing training ended.

In our next training, we learned various tools for graphics design and Canva in detail. It’s incredible how many features even the free version of Canva already has and most of the graphics for social media posts and other tasks can easily be done by it. Combined with pictures, royalty-free or paid, a lot can be achieved.

Video & audio marketing was our last topic of content creation. We learned about the importance and impact of videos used to target our audience and were shown different channels and also software to edit video files. With podcasts that are very easy to produce with the help of various software programs, we can reach our audience during their transit to work, for example.