Family Allowance – New in 2023

Amount of family allowance

The following amounts apply to children who are permanently resident in Austria.

Child’s age / Amount per month

  • from birth / 114.00 €     120.60 €
  • from 3 years / 121.90 €     129.00 €
  • from 10 years / 141.50 €     149.70 €
  • from 19 years / 165.10 €     174,70 €

The monthly total amount of family allowance increases due to the sibling scale for each child if they:

  • For two children is granted to 7.10 euros for each child     7.50 €
  • For three children is granted to 17.40 euros for each child     18.40 €
  • For four children is granted to 26.50 euros for each child     28.00 €
  • For five children is granted to 32.00 euros for each child     33.90 €
  • For six children is granted to 35.70 euros for each child     37.80 €
  • For seven and more children is granted to 52.00 euros for each child     55.00 €

In September, a school start fee of 100 euros is paid to each child between the ages of 6 and 15. The instruction of the school start money takes place together with the payment of the family allowance for September. A separate application is therefore not necessary.     105.80 €

The tax credit for children is paid out together with the family allowance. It does not have to be requested separately. The tax credit for children is not family allowance, but a tax credit that is paid out in the form of a negative tax. It is 58.40 euros per child and month.     61.80 €

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2023: (German)

Multiple Child Allowance

Parents with three or more children can receive the multiple child allowance.

The multiple child supplement is 20 euros per month for the third and each additional child. It must be claimed separately for each calendar year and is paid out in the course of the employee tax assessment or taken into account in the income tax return.     21.20 €

If you have no taxable income, a direct payment by the competent authority is possible.

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2023: (German)

Family Bonus Plus

The Family Bonus Plus is a tax deduction of 1,500 euros per child and year up to the age of 18. After the child’s 18th birthday, they are entitled to a reduced family bonus of EUR 500 per year if family allowance is received for this child.

The family bonus plus can either be taken into account by the employer in the ongoing payroll accounting or claimed in the employee tax assessment. An application to the employer is possible from December 2018 for the first time for January 2019 (using form E 30). Children in Austria are entitled to the Family Bonus Plus in the statutory amount. For children in the EU, EEA or Switzerland, the family bonus plus is indexed (increased or reduced) and thus adjusted to the price level of the country of residence.

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Allowance for orphans / Orphan’s pension

Individuals are usually eligible for an orphan’s pension for the period starting from the death of the insured person until their 18th birthday.

Once they turn 18, they will continue to receive the orphan’s pension if the following conditions are met:

  • If the orphan is in full-time education or vocational training, they can continue to receive an orphan’s pension until the age of 27. They must be pursuing these studies purposefully and in earnest.
  • If the orphan is performing activities under the voluntary law.
  • In the case of incapacity for work, the orphaned individual will continue to receive the orphan’s pension indefinitely (no age limit). However, the affliction underlying their incapacity to work must have arisen before their 18th birthday or during the time they were in education or vocational training.

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