Can you imagine that it’s already one week since the NTEEP2022 is over? Entrepreneurs of various African countries (and Austria) gathered to gain knowledge about how to take their business online or maybe even start an online business.

Digital Marketing

We started off with digital marketing. In the first session, we talked about starting a business which gave an overview of what is needed to begin entrepreneurship. We talked about the entrepreneurial mindset and that successful business owners define the big why of their company. We went on to create a plan and stick to it and schedule our core business activities. How to prevent overwhelm, some business ideas, and several book tips rounded the session up.

The next day we learned about what digital marketing is, why we need it, the difference between traditional and digital marketing, and how to do it. The training closed with an explanation of different digital marketing channels.

In our presentation about social media marketing, we started with a definition, followed by a corresponding startup content strategy. We learned about why we should be on social media, and to think about our target audience.

The following session explained email marketing and also compared email to social media marketing. We talked about the value of the nurturing process and the use of autoresponders.

What is SEO and why is it important was the question of the last training of digital marketing. We learned types of SEO and about free SEO tools. The first block ended with SEO best practices.