Collaborating for Growth

AFrica’s business

We are an association founded in Austria in Europe to support Africans to become self-employed to make a sustainable income for themselves and their families. We provide business training, mentoring, business website development, digital business tools, finances and more.

Why we are DOING It

We don’t want to see people risking their lives to come to Europe just because they cannot afford to start a business in Africa to earn enough money to be able to stay in their home country.

Therefore our goal is to support the founding of businesses that will bring in money for the business owner, his family and any employees and their families.

The number of Africans trying to get to Europe will decrease and refugees in Europe will be able to consider returning home which many of them plan and work for anyway.

If our work could save just one life from drowning in the sea or suffocating in a truck – even if we would never know about it – then our mission would be fulfilled.

How we are doing it


What knowledge and skills does the candidate have and which are still needed? Is there a business idea already? A business plan will show the financial needs. A contract will seal the deal.

Financial Planning

How much are the business and private expenses? A financial plan will take everything into consideration and not only show a way how to get out of debt but even how to plan for saving.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller
xLet’s build a community that has your back and helps you grow.

Success Stories

Because we are stronger when we support each other we want to showcase and celebrate everyone’s success. Let other people’s stories inspire our candidates as well as our donors!

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